America's Cup

America’s Cup
MSOS are very pleased indeed to continue to be medical advisors to the America’s Cup Race Management.

The latest edition of the race proved to be exceptional, with some amazing racing. Incfredible skill shown by extremely brave crew.

Congratulations to Team NEw Zealand for such an epic win!

The latest version of AC boats are truly amazing, and incredibly fast. This does bring about an increase in danger, not solely confined to foiling boats, but also to other, mainly racing, yachts, where peak speeds are well in to the range of motor vehicles. In the latter, occupants are restrained of course. A main causative factor of injury is the amount of energy involved in the accident, and thus the higher the speed in an accident, the more severe the injury is likely to be.

All involved parties are increasingly advocating medical response strategies similar to those already used in the motor racing business. For inshore racing, this includes dedicated qualified medical teams, with trauma medical kits, out on the water in close proximity to the racing yachts, immediate onshore medical facilities, and close coordination with definitive medical facilities in the local area.

America’s Cup Race Management and, we believe, other inshore race organisers, now mandate helmets and personal safety equipment, and provision of a forum for teams to share safety lessons learnt. Teams are also working with manufacturers to develop of specific impact resistant clothing. These and other actions are aimed at preventing possible injuries.