General Course Information


Bespoke Courses

MSOS designs and runs specialised courses for specific client requirements, such as in-water rescue,
wilderness medicine, first aid for children, oxygen administration and casualty evacuation. There is a
distinct advantage in holding these courses on the client vessel, to increase the situational awareness of
crew. Courses can focus on using existing client medical kit and equipment, or trialling new items.

Contact MSOS to arrange your bespoke training course

MCA Approved Training Courses

MSOS is approved by the MCA to provide training courses such as Medical First Aid and Medical Care. In addition, MSOS also provides specialist courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of oxygen and defibrillators, advanced wound repair and more. Familiarisation courses are also offered, upon delivery of a new kit to a boat.

MSOS courses place emphasis on teaching practical skills which will be of benefit in the event of medical problems offshore. The courses are also designed to teach crew how to use the equipment and medicines provided in their medical kits.

Courses may be held at the MSOS training centres in Palma, Southampton and Fort Lauderdale, or on board the client’s vessel.
MSOS instructors are all medically qualified, and have extensive experience as sailors. They know what it’s like to deal with anything from a sore throat in the North Atlantic, to a broken leg on the foredeck of a boat in the Southern Ocean.


MSOS Training Personnel

Amanda - photo.jpg

Amanda Hewson

Amanda has been a registered nurse and professional sailor for 20 years. She’s from a family of active sailors and has sailed extensively herself, covering 60000 nm at sea. She has nursed in the Outback with flying doctors, in refugee camps and offshore on oil rigs. She has also been the medic on multiple sailing races, the Sydney Hobart, the Fastnet, and the Rolex 600 amongst them.

Amanda has a master’s degree in Marine and International Medicine, and has worked widely with a number of yacht racing campaigns around the world.

If you have attended a course run by Amanda, you will have experienced the passion she has for marine medicine, being prepared and preventing trauma and illness at sea.

Clare - photo.jpg

Clare Musk

Clare started her nursing career in Paediatrics, Emergency & Theatre medicine in Sydney but on meeting her future husband, a professional sailor, she moved in to the Superyacht industry. Clare was thrown in at the deep end, working on a professionally-crewed 75ft racing yacht. She then completed deliveries across the Atlantic on a 90ft sailing yacht. After this, Clare moved to work on motor yachts based in Palma, Mallorca. She then transitioned ashore managing logistics for a mini maxi team.

The call to nursing returned, and initially she undertook training nurses in the UK. Subsequently, she joined MSOS in the summer of 2016 to work alongside Amanda. Clare has a real desire to protect and educate those in the yachting industry, equipping them with the knowledge & necessary skills to save lives.

John J Heiser.png


John has worked as a Critical Care Paramedic for the over 25 years. His extensive background with out of hospital care extends from flight medicine to advanced water rescue as a Paramedic in Florida. Johns Marine rescue skills have been sharpened through years of active work with Fort Lauderdale Marine Rescue team, training constantly with the U.S. Coast Guard.

John continues his cutting edge medical training with local authorities to bring the latest and most up to date techniques to marine industry.  He actively works on the busy streets to make sure the knowledge he shares with his class is “real life” training. His excitement, passion and experience are shared through his teachings.


Glenn Oxborough

Glenn saw service as a soldier with the Royal Signals and RAF Police. He has a degree in Psychology, and subsequently found his niche as a Paramedic. He worked for the former West Country Ambulance Service and then the Western Australian Ambulance Service. Glenn went on to become a remote site medic and later entered the security industry as a Close Protection Paramedic.

He has operated in Iraq, Syria and also as a Maritime Security Team Leader, providing armed protection for commercial vessels against Somali pirates. Glenn continues to undertake ambulance shifts for South West Ambulance Service which maintains his clinical skills. He teaches advanced medicine to the luxury yacht industry, and FPOSi courses to Police Tactical Firearms units, Police Support units, Close Protection teams and Firefighters. Glenn also teaches First Response Emergency Care Level 3 & 4 and has taught high profile clients such as Richard Branson’s team on Necker Island and the European Union Advisory Mission in the Ukraine. The latest challenge for Glenn has been to teach students whose first language is not English in countries such as Algeria and Sri Lanka.