MCA Proficiency in Medical First Aid (MFA)

This course runs over four days. The MCA Medical First Aid course teaches crew how to provide emergency first aid in the case of an accident causing trauma, or sudden medical illness. There are sessions on how to respond immediately to an emergency, without endangering oneself or other crew, an update on cardiac resuscitation, evacuating casualties, and how to communicate effectively with rescue authorities.

The course has a definite emphasis on practical skills, such as skin repair, managing wounds, reducing fractures and dislocations, correcting dehydration and dealing with medicines.

There are also sessions and practical demonstrations regarding the basics of body anatomy, and also some human physiology – an overview of how the body works.

A fundamental aim of the course is to instruct crew on how to safely and responsibly use the contents of an MCA medical kit. There is an extended session on reviewing all contents of this kit, to give good orientation as to what is available to deal with emergencies when and if they should occur.

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