MCA Proficiency in Medical Care (MC)

The MCA Medical Care course runs over five days. In common with the shorter courses, there is an
emphasis on a wider range of practical skills (with the opportunity to revisit practical skills sessions during the five days – a process of ‘spiral learning’). However, an underlying aim of the course is to instruct crew how to take care of injured or unwell crew for extended periods, and hence the course is appropriate for crew who are venturing well beyond the range of straightforward rescue.

There are sessions on anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of the human body, which aid a
deeper understanding of why certain actions and treatments are required whilst caring for patients.

There are specific sessions of the treatment of heart and lung problems, and emergencies such as severe allergic reactions and burns.

A pre-requisite for undertaking the MCA Medical Care course is that an MCA Medical First Aid course must have been undertaken within the previous five years.

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