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The Skippers Medical Emergency Handbook

Dr Briggs and Dr Mackenzie have written an authoritative handbook for dealing with medical problems at sea. The book has proved very popular with yacht crew, who find it intuitive to use. The book employs algorithms to guide treatment of trauma and medical illnesses and is easy to follow. There is also a section on practical procedures, detailing with diagrams each step in the process of reducing fractures or dislocations, inserting iv lines, bandaging wounds etc.

All medicines and equipment mentioned in the book are used in medical kits supplied by MSOS, so the book makes a great companion to any medical kit.

Over ten thousand copies have been sold worldwide!

You can buy the book from a number of outlets, including Force 4 Chandlery, and also from Amazon. It can also be purchasaed directly from MSOS - please email or call the office and place an order.

There is also an eBook version available in all normal formats through Amazon. This can be loaded on the the boats computer, and has the great facility of being 'searchable'.

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The Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook

Dr Briggs and Dr Mackenzie adapted and enlarged the Skippers Medical Emergency Handbook to create a wilderness medical handbook covering, in addition to all normal areas, hot and cold climates, and high altitude. The book includes suggested medical kit lists for wilderness expeditions, comprising kits for base camp, field kits and also personal medical kits.

The first edition has sold ten thousand copies worldwide.

The second edition has just been published by Firefly Books, and is available in the UK from Amazon and other outlets.

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The Wilderness Medicine Handbook - Oxford University Press

Dr Briggs has contributed a number of chapters for the second edition of this authoritative work on the practice of medicine in the wilderness. The book provides extensive information on both the practice and evidence base for wilderness medicine and is certainly worth serious study before venturing to isolated locations.