Volvo Ocean Race

MSOS are honoured to be Medical Advisors for this version of the VOR, in 2017-2018. This version of the race is the longest yet, with true Southern Ocean legs, a long, technical leg up to Hong Kong, before heading back down to Auckland, and in to the Southern Ocean again.

The teams have arrived in Italjai, after an arduous leg through the Southern Ocean from Auckland, experiencing some of the worst weather seen in the Southern Ocean for the past few VORs. The leg was won in fine form by Team Brunel, just ahead of Diong Feng.

We were profoundly sad to hear of the loss of John Fisher from Scallywag during the last leg from Auckland. He was a fine, brave man, and our thoughts go out to his family and friends. We had the honour and pleasure of training John as a medic for the race, in Lisbon last year. We have a picture of him on our website, practising an erudite bit of medicine, putting a splint on a crew mates broken arm, deep in the Southern Ocean, with a smile on his face.

Medical kits are always in a state of continual evolution, and so we have been analysing how the kits performed for the previous race. Some changes have taken place, to ensure that all reasonably likely eventualities are covered. One cannot take a hospital offshore, but looking at the evidence of what medical incidences happen in such races is fundamental in designing the medical kits.