The Longest Swim

This will just about the most incredible feat of endurance ever undertaken by a human being. Ben Lecomte is planning to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco! He has form - having swum across the North Atlantic in 1998. But this time, the distance is 5,500 miles....

The project is being put together in San Diego, before the team move to Tokyo in the Spring 2018, with the planned start of the swim in April 2018. The projected duration will be about six months. MSOS are privileged to be providing medical support for the accompanying vessel.

Other Institutions are involved in conducting research with Ben, including NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Ben is going to face some significant risks posed by the on-going exposure to sea water, motion created by the waves (even swimmers get seasick), the unremitting physical endurance, never mind sharks and jelly fish.

Good luck!

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