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Distant Ocean Medical Kit

DOM Data Sheet v1.jpg

The Distant Ocean Medical Kit (DOM) is designed for vessels undertaking trans-ocean voyages, such as across the Atlantic, spending seasons in the Caribbean or going through the Panama Canal and further west. Such voyages take vessels to areas where definitive good quality help could well be many days away. This kit enables treatment of many problems on board the boat, or stabilisation of sick or injured crew until definitive help is at hand. 

The kit is recommended for boat crew who have had first aid training, and ideally have telemedical support in addition. It is intended for private vessels, undertaking non-commercial activities. 

The Distant Ocean Medical Kit is usually supplied in two Pelicases, which keep the contents of the kit in excellent condition in the harsh marine environment. There is an alternate option to supply in soft bags if required. 

The contents of the DOM are arranged in an intuitive series of modules, reflecting the most common range of treatments. The composition of the kit is detailed over leaf. 

DOM Data Sheet v2.jpg

The Distant Ocean Medical Kit is formulated for up to ten crew, and can be enlarged for up to twenty crew with the addition of an adjunct bag. 

Other modules can be added, such as oxygen, defibrillator, advanced therapy, as appropriate.